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White Pages® celebrates brothers Tate and Nash Kemp

2012/13 Bendigo White Pages® and Yellow Pages® cover
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2012/13 Bendigo White Pages® and Yellow Pages® cover
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Tate and Nash Kemp
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Gisborne brothers Tate and Nash Kemp are familiar faces in the region after being selected to appear on the cover of this year’s Bendigo White Pages® and Yellow Pages®.

Under the theme, A Helping Hand, The Aussie Way, Tate is recognised for his determination to not let cerebral palsy hold him back and Nash for the tireless support he shows his little brother.

Despite being born with cerebral palsy, Tate has scaled heights no-one ever imagined he would – with the love, support and encouragement of his big brother Nash urging him on.

Since 2007, gutsy Tate has tackled the four-kilometre race in the Melbourne Marathon each year to raise funds and awareness for the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre. So far, he has raised more than $35,000 and inspired hundreds of children with cerebral palsy to join him during the race.

As Tate’s biggest cheerleader, Nash runs the event twice each year – once on his own, and later doubling back to join Tate.

When not inspiring others with their athletic feats, Tate is top of his class in mathematics at school.

Brothers and best friends, Tate and Nash are two young heroes with bright futures ahead of them.

Mum, Sue Kemp, said it was overwhelming for the boys to be chosen for the cover.

“I am just so proud of them both. They are such special boys with such a special bond, it really is a beautiful thing to watch. Tate has never let cerebral palsy hold him back, and Nash has always been there for him. Recognition like this is so unexpected,” Sue said.

Nash said he was really proud of his brother and happy to be honoured together.

“Tate is my best friend and really special to all of us. It is pretty amazing to be on the cover of the phone book with him,” Nash said.

Tate’s message was simple. “I love my brother,” he said.