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Volunteers Bill Power and Glen Taylor honoured by White Pages®

2012/13 Roma White Pages® and Yellow Pages® cover
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2012/13 Roma White Pages® and Yellow Pages® cover
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Bill Power and Glen Taylor
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State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers Bill Power and Glen Taylor appear on the cover of this year’s Roma White Pages® and Yellow Pages® for their efforts helping others when times get tough.

Bill and Glen are recognised under the theme, A Helping Hand, The Aussie Way, for their service with the Condamine SES and long-term commitment to the Rural Fire Service (RFS).

For the past 30 years, the pair have volunteered with the Condamine State Emergency Service (SES), where Bill is the controller and Glen the deputy controller. When they aren’t repairing storm damage or evacuating residents in record high floodwaters, they are tackling blazes as members of the local Rural Fire Service brigade.

Bill and Glen’s ability to work together was no more evident than during the 2010/11 floods in Condamine. The Condamine SES evacuated the entire town twice, with Bill the only SES member allowed to stay behind when floodwaters peaked. As his own home went under water, Bill relied on Glen to be his lifeline to residents stranded outside of town.

Rain, hail or blazing sun, Bill and Glen can be relied upon to be there whenever residents in Condamine need a helping hand.

“Being recognised for helping others in need is quite surprising – reaching out to others really is just the Aussie way. I get a great sense of pride in being able to help my community through the SES and RFS,” said Bill.

“We don’t do these things for the recognition or accolades, so this is really humbling. We both have to thank our fellow SES and RFS members for their support – we couldn’t do what we do without them,” said Glen.