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Carevan founder John Brabant honoured by White Pages®

2012/13 Albury White Pages® and Yellow Pages® cover
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2012/13 Albury White Pages® and Yellow Pages® cover
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John Brabant
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Publish as feature article

Fronting the cover of this year’s Albury White Pages® and Yellow Pages® is Albury resident John Brabant, recognised for the outstanding contribution he has made to the community through his work with the Carevan Foundation.

John is recognised under the theme, A Helping Hand, The Aussie Way, for establishing the Carevan Foundation in 2009.

Instantly recognisable by its colourful van, the Carevan hits the streets most nights providing warm meals, housing advice and general support to local homeless people. Since its launch, the Carevan has provided more than 12,000 meals to people in need.

John and Carevan CEO Jodie Tiernan are passionate about community service and have developed the ‘Kids Cooking and Caring’ program, to encourage the region’s youth to help others. School students volunteer to cook for the Carevan for two months, and at the end of the program, distribute the meals with Carevan helpers.

For his next big venture, John plans to tap into his dentistry roots, and take the Carevan to local schools to encourage children to cultivate a healthy smile.

“We are so fortunate at Carevan to have complete support from the community. I am extremely proud of everything we have achieved over the years, and the necessary resource that we provide the homeless,” John said.

“I’m looking forward to what this year will bring, not only with this acknowledgement from Sensis, but also with the launch of other exciting Carevan programs.”